About Us

Vichitra collection was established in 1996 at New Delhi is member of MSME. Vichitra Collection is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Mr. Anil Kumar Aggarwal founded this establishment after working at crafts museum, ministry of textiles, govt. Of India, New Delhi, for 12 years in different capacities. He was associated with ‘festival of india’ abroad, in which he organised exhibitions with master weavers and master craftsmen. He was one of the founder members of ‘suraj kund crafts mela’.

Vichitra collection takes pride to introduced traditional textiles and arts outlet, first time in North West Delhi, where products from masters were introduced to sale to the general customers who intend to buy the products. Now this is a family business. And give them an introduction about the skill and history behind the every textile piece. It is also introduce the best textile products like sarees, dupattas, shawls, fabrics and other made ups from different rural villages to the customers. Now this is a family business.

Vichitra collection is seriously concerned about the promotion of rural village textiles produced by our family of master weavers who are engaged in continuing to prosper our rich traditional culture of Indian hand-looms cottage udyog.

Another reason to form vichitra collection is to provide a platform to the rural artisans, for selling their products directly to consumers and provide them information about the technique and skill involved for making the textiles.

Vichitra collection feels proud to continue selling products made by national awardees, who are the masters in their field and continuing this tradition of weaving in their family since last many generations. We respect and appreciate our team of weavers and artisans including women weavers, who are having prestigious awards like, padam shree, national awards, vishvakarma awards, shilp guru and many more awards and international recognition's.

Vichitra collection is capable of creating any designs, as per requirement of customers having reasonable minimum quantity.